About this project

This website is hosted and edited by translators Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp, Maria Kozlovskaya Wiltshire and Ekaterina Shatalova.

Our intention is to share reviews of Russian kid lit, in an effort to help more English language publishers hear about new titles and bring them out in translation. We hope the site will also be useful to teachers and librarians keen to diversify their book collections and offer younger readers books in translation.

Please get in touch!

We’re keen for it to be a community portal to writing for young people in Russian (from Russia and elsewhere) so please get in touch if you’d like to review a book or talk about your work as an author/ illustrator/ translator/agent/publisher, or indeed anyone who has something to say about books for children and young people.

Please email us if you’d like to be involved: russian.kid.lit @ gmail.com


As long as we have the approval of the copyright holder (it might be the author/publisher/agent), we are happy to publish samples of new books and to include your contact details and biography so that publishers can come to you for more information, hopefully to commission you for the full book!